“VISE Hospitality stands for Very Important Service Entertainment. We are born from passion and inspired by perfection. Our core product is the Experience which is delivered via our Service & Entertainment in high-end restaurants, nightclubs, bars & lounges with modern feeling & touch.

VISE Hospitality was created with a mission to revamp the F&B Industry of Vietnam. Mr. Bao Nguyen, the founder & operator of VISE Hospitality is the entrepreneur from the USA with 10 years experience in manufacturing PET bottles under the BAVICO Corp., the distribution of the corporation spans across Vietnam and USA with major national and international clients such as Pepsi, Cola, Nestle…. In 2016, with the huge passion for F&B and nightlife entertainment, Mr. Bao Nguyen foresaw a great potential in the hospitality industry in Vietnam and created VISE Hospitality. With the establishment of VISE, more venues have been added to the portfolio such as the best dining lounge in Vietnam, Qui – Cuisine Mixology in Ho Chi Minh city and Nha Trang city (Voted by Rob Report) and the World Finest Club Envy club, and many more to come.”